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About Me

I'm Marie Williams and I love to travel. I am a wife and mother to four grown children and l live in Fishers, Indiana. While growing up in the midwestern United States, my family would take short vacations to visit family members across the country. I fell in love with traveling and exploring all that this beautiful world has to offer. I enjoy learning about different cultures, not just other countries, but also the culture of the Native American Indians that lived in America long before we did. While visiting the national parks in the United States one will learn about the tribes that once roamed that area. I hope to help guide you to explore many of the places I've visited with valuable information that I've learned along the way. I do believe variety is the spice of life, therefore, wherever I go I try to visit various places pertaining to that place. I like to immerse myself in their culture, art, and food to get a total picture of what life would be like in that region. It's almost as if I put myself into a time machine and pretend I'm living in that place and time. Come along with me and read about my time travels. 

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