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Horseback Riding in West Yellowstone, Montana

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a horseback ride through breathtaking scenery. When atop a horse there is no need to constantly look down at your feet to see where you may stumble across the next rock or tire yourself from hiking many miles. Simply mount a majestic horse and you're on your way to a carefree ride.

Whether you've ridden a horse many times or not at all ,riding horseback through West Yellowstone is just plain fun. After searching the web for a horseback riding tour near Yellowstone National Park, I stumbled upon The Diamond P Ranch to book a ride conveniently online. They offer 2 and 3 hour rides at certain times of the day. I opted for a 2 hour afternoon ride since we were arriving in West Yellowstone, Montana just after noon. Just a few miles from the entrance of Yellowstone National Park, The Diamond P Ranch was easy to locate just off of Targhee Pass Highway. We ventured to the ranch 30 minutes prior to our ride to check in, get coats and gloves (and helmets if desired) and receive instruction on how to steer a horse. At The Diamond P Ranch we received a cute horse biography of the horse we were to ride. My horse was named Duchess and my husband rode Opera.

After our thorough instruction we got ready to mount our horse (the ranch dog even helped out). The ranch hands provided an easy stair step to mount the horse and with one swoop of your leg you were ready to ride. Once everyone in your group was atop their horse we were assigned to a ranch wrangler who let us through the Diamond P Ranch farm sign and we were off to explore the Gallatin National Forest.

We crossed the street with the assistance of a ranch hand to stop traffic and set off towards the national forest. At first you will be greeted by a verdant field covered in wildflowers then the trail will lead you up into the forest.

You and your majestic horse will slowly traverse up the mountain through the fragrant conifers. The views are vast and mysterious. Upon reaching the summit we took a short break for a photo op and to take in the stunning vistas that surrounded us on all sides. Looking down from the top in every direction and seeing Montana in all her majesty was an unforgettable experience.

Once the photo op was complete we began our descent down the mountain. We continued through the woods and back down through the flowering meadow.

Once back at the ranch the ranch hands helped us off our horse and led us to the barn where we could return our coats and gloves and check our their cute western styled gift shop. In all, the Diamond P Ranch did not disappoint. The ranch wranglers were all very professional and made certain that everyone stayed safe while horseback riding. If horseback riding sounds like a great adventure to add to your next Yellowstone visit, I would highly recommend the Diamond P Ranch. Happy trails to you!

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